The V Social Club is a members-only club with the latest within Health Tech. Here, you can boost both your immune system and longevity, play padel, work out in our gym, recharge with biohacks in our recovery lounge or simply enjoy our beautiful club room where we serve both food and drinks. We are located in a completely unique venue on Jungfrugatan, which previously served as King Gustaf V’s private tennis club.

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VSC Longevity Clinic

A complement to the V Social Longevity Club is our Longevity Clinic focused on extending health span, not just life span. The clinic offers a 3 step approach involving a.) tests b.) forming of a longevity plan and c.) expert “handholding” on the path to success.

The carefully selected tests measure biochemical... markers fundamental to longevity. Once all relevant information has been gathered ranging from nutritional status, metabolic health, inflammation and recovery you will be provided with your tailored-made Longevity plan. Armed with this knowledge our support staff will endeavor to create a personalized seamless experience through the various stages to reach the goals we together set out to achieve.

The secret of success
Creating long lasting lifestyle changes is hard. Breaking old habits and creating new better ones is challenging. A key success factor in pursuing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the context in which you live your life. As a VSC member you have that context and are therefore on the path to success. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of the social aspect and daily support network, as well as the purposefully curated physical space and biohacking therapies our membership club offer.

Non Members
As a non-member you are also invited to sign up for the VSC longevity plan and we’ll advice you separately on how to harness the power of social connection and build and implement impactful daily lifestyle changes outside of the club.

Welcome to embark on your journey coached by our world class team of experienced experts. All to support your health journey, achieve astonishing results and make them last.

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